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Re|Heroes: Maestro by jinkki Re|Heroes: Maestro by jinkki
 here is my oc for :iconre-heroes: 
treat him gently//


"Everything I say is the truth. It just might belong to someone else."

Name: Jo, Mamoru
Username: "Maestro"
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 180 lbs
Occupation: Hotel Manager
Nationality: Japanese-American


Pathological Liar

Like a magician pulling a never-ending stream of colorful fabric from a coat sleeve, Mamoru strings stories blended together almost well enough to make them a reality. He lives in the blurred lines between fact and fiction, and feeds off of the shades of truth in between. For him, lying is just as natural as breathing. He constantly goes by fake names and aliases, wears disguises, and even has a few (dozen) fake IDs. Despite this, he knows better than anyone the consequences of being caught in a lie. Due to past experiences, he is always a bit paranoid of saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, but not obsessively so. He’ll just cover a lie up with another lie, blending away the harsh edges until no can or would care to distinguish them from the truth.

| Cunning | Charming | Earnest | Observant | Imposing | Elegant | Refined |  
| Self-Conscious | Unreliable | Two-Faced | Secretive | Vain | Paranoid |  Wary |

Fear: Melophobia [ Fear of Music ]
Fear Level: Orange (sometimes red)
Cursed Object:  Conductor’s Baton

Superpower: Despite not having any concept on time signatures or tempos, Mamoru will conduct what he calls the “Phantom Orchestra’, which can vary from a soloist to a small ensemble or full blown orchestra. Only he (as well as the person being targeted) can ‘hear’ it, as it is similar to singing a song in your head. Using either his hands or his cursed object, he will conduct, controlling how fast or how slow his target moves, as well as the intensity of their attacks.

Example: If he conducts a slow, quiet piece, the target will move slowly and their attack won’t be as strong as usual. If he conducts a fast loud piece, the target will move faster than normal in addition to being stronger than normal.

As of current, he can only control the tempo/speed. He can’t move or fight when conducting, and because his musical repertoire is very limited, the pieces he conducts are mostly random. like putting your ipod on shuffle//hit. He can't choose the size of the ensemble, that is completely random.

Weakness:  Not only is he afraid of music, it’s agonizingly painful for him to listen to, to the point of physically sickening him. His mental fear has turned into physical intolerance for music. Simply hearing the ‘Phantom Orchestra’ play in his head is hard for him to handle.

Oh and also, when he’s conducting he can't move or anything so he’s pretty much an open target wow

History:  trigger warning maybe???

Surudoi, Kissaki : A few lies gone awry paired with a dash or two of instability led to the rotting, crumbling remains of what could have been true friendship. [read shoujo-s's story here: [Of Liars and Madmen] An awkward air always settles in the room when Mamoru and Kissaki are near each other. Maybe it's because Mamoru is a filthy liar and can't be trusted by Kissaki or maybe it's because Kissaki nearly killed him in a bout of rage, but the two can't be comfortable around each other.
Mamoru realizes that, without a doubt his lying nearly costed him his life and his friendship with Kissaki. However, rather than sticking to a strict code of honesty, he is just all the more motivated to lie, just not to say the wrong lie to the wrong person. He's very apprehensive around Kissaki and can't look him in the eyes without a chill running down his spine. If anything, Mamoru does strongly believe he owes Kissaki an explanation more than anyone else he's lied to.
Relationship song: Liar- One Ok Rock

TBA sexy free and single ready to mingle

Additional Info:

- HE WEARS AN OVERCOAT but i was too lazy to draw it-

- The most common name that he goes by currently is “Mamoru Jo”.

- Nicknames/Alias include: Satoru Toda, Mamoru Jo, Jonesy, Jo, Mamo, Mama, MAMAru, Senor Jesus López Chacón

- Mamoru inherited his mother’s soothing singing voice. Not that he would ever sing anymore h a h//

- Mamo can ‘tolerate’ music for about 7 seconds max. ; ‘Tolerate’ meaning internal screaming and panicking; rushing to plug his ears and block out the sound before he completely breaks down and cries like the giant weenie he is smh .

- Mamoru reacts to music like most people react to alarm clocks or sirens. His brain tells him to get rid of the sound at any means necessary.

- He has custom made ear plugs that he carries with him at all times.

- Please don’t be offended if he sometimes doesn’t respond when you try to talk to him- he can’t really hear anything with his earplugs in.

- Because his scars are so distinct, he’ll often cover them up with makeup to avoid being recognized.

        He used to be self-conscious about them, but soon realized they could be used for some great story telling.

- He refuses to drink any alcohol at all, but for some reason is often seen with a glass of ‘wine’.

        It’s actually just grape juice. Don’t tell anyone.

       He'll go to a fancy restaurant, order wine, and then discreetly tell his waiter to actually get him grape juice and bribe the waiter to keep quiet because grape juice is not cool enough ok.


- Voice sample: Rainbow Girl- Ren
- Theme song:  Yobanashi Decieve

RP Methods:  Notes [if you want to rp just send me one ok i don't bite--] Para/Lit


Mamoru Jo & art: :iconjinkki:
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